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As the innovators of the hotel amenity industry in North America, we’ve been the leaders in personal care hospitality for over 40 years. Our portfolio of curated brands is expertly aligned with our core values: dedication to deliver products of unparalleled quality, commitment to support eco-friendly resources, and the promise to provide exceptional service. Our commitment to delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations has made us one of the most trusted companies in the hospitality amenity industry today.

Our Story 

 Marietta pioneered the hotel guest amenity industry in North America, creating the first-ever collection of hotel cosmetics. We began by curating quality travel-size products, expanded into branded products and then adding large bottles and dispensers to create more sustainable options to enhance the guest experience. Our team is proud to continuously strive to improve, innovate, and move towards sustainable practices, making us a trusted supplier in the hotel amenity industry. 

Vision and Mission 

Our vision and purpose is commitment to accelerating the world's transition to environmentally sustainable hotel cosmetics. Our mission and pathforward is to become the world leader in hotel cosmetics by partnering with our global customers to provide value through strategic solutions and real-time innovation to meet their evolving and diverse needs.

Our Team 

The Marietta team consists of a group of passionate, knowledgeable people who are unsurpassed in their levels of expertise, their drive towards creating the ultimate guest experience, and their continued dedication towards improvement. Every team member is a unique and diverse part of our organization and is well-versed in providing the utmost in service and customer satisfaction.

Global Story 

Marietta is dedicated to fully partnering with our customers and providing for their hotel cosmetic needs across the world.  We provide formulas customized to the needs of regional markets, global supply chain support, and a diverse brand portfolio to meet the needs of our customers in every market.