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Modern, Sustainable and Economical.

Marietta is committed to reducing the impact on the environment by providing a wide range of sustainable personal care amenity solutions. We have curated a stunning collection of high-quality stylish dispenser systems in both refillable and replaceable formats to meet the diverse needs of the hotel industry. Our high-quality dispenser systems come in a range of sizes and can be paired with one of our amazing brands to create the perfect amenity solution to delight your guests.

Sleek, Sustainable and Economical

Stylish sustainability meets convenience and affordability with our patented Dovelok™ System.

  • High-end retail product appearance
  • Hidden locking brackets
  • Replaceable tamper-resistant bottles
  • Substantial cost savings vs small bottles

Sophisticated Sustainability

A unique, elegant, wall-mounted system designed for luxury properties.

  • Stainless steel locking brackets ensure durability
  • Refillable bottles
  • Tamper resistant metal pumps for safety
  • Sleek high-end appearance 

Simple Smooth Stylish Luxury

An elegant refillable dispenser solution that simplifies delivering personal care amenities to guests.

  • Stylish clean finish
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance for housekeeping
  • Guests will love it!

Elegant and Sustainable

A beautiful and functional refillable dispenser system to elevate your guest experience.

  • High-end materials and unmatched craftmanship
  • Ergonomic gravity base lever
  • Wide tamper resistant caps for easy refill
  • Lift out cylinders for easy deep cleaning

A Work of Practical Art

The artful designed patented Mosaic™ dispensing solution leads the way into a new era of responsible luxury

  • Refillable system
  • Artful design
  • Shower and vanity options
  • Uncompromising luxury with the lowest environmental impact

Durable, Functional and Beautiful

Making hotels stays more sustainble with beautifully crafted amenity dispensers.

  • Gravity fed system to dispense every drop
  • Custom designed drip free pump
  • Refillable and replaceable bottle options
  • Simple and fast bottle changing

Durable, Functional and Beautiful

A highly functional system to simplify your guest amenity program.

  • Refillable dispenser solution
  • Patented pumps system
  • Locking and tamper-resistant
  • Available in an array of finishes

Beautiful and Sustainable

A shower and vanity dispenser solution designed to delight your guests.

  • Easy to install
  • Gate unlocks for easy refill
  • Stainless steel pumps
  • Oval or rectangular bottle options

Eco-Friendly Experience

Eco friendly replaceable bottle dispenser system that is economical and easy to maintain.

  • 8 oz replaceable bottles
  • Shower or vanity installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Better guest experience