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Was born 40 years ago in a magical scene in Tuscany, Italy. Nestled between the rolling olive grove covered hills and the Mediterranean sea. Now known worldwide by those who love Tuscany-style products looking for naturalness and quality in life.

Erbario Toscano products are a real tribute to Tuscany, with its perfumes, colors, and the real atmosphere of a journey into the region of Tuscany. Captured in beautifully handcrafted products for the body and home.

Integrity, quality, and constant innovation are the concepts that inspire Erbario Toscano. The combination of talent and technology, allows the realization of products of ultra-high performance and outstanding quality.

A second-generation family business, Erbario Toscano honors Italy’s heritage while evolving the legacy. Literally meaning “herbs of Tuscany,” Erbario Toscano offers an exclusive collection of earthly and enchanting fragrances, such as:

  • Elisir D’ Olivio
  • Salis
  • Bacche di Tuscia
  • Cuore di Pepe Nero
  • Vaniglia Piccante
  • Fiori d' Arancio
  • Bergamot
  • And more options

Inspired by Italian flowers, spices, trees, the sea, and more, each scent celebrates nature and delights the senses. “Creating perfumes for me is like going on a journey, a journey full of memories to share and emotions to evoke.”  –Egisto Bertozzi