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More than 40 years ago Marietta created the first hotel cosmetics program in the U.S.   Today we continue to lead the industry and provide global solutions by partnering with popular and prestige beauty brands and providing innovative product formats and formulas to create the perfect amenity solutions.

Why Marietta 

As the innovators of the hotel amenity industry in North America, we’ve been the leaders in personal care hospitality for over 40 years. Our portfolio of curated brands is expertly aligned with our core values: our dedication to deliver products of unparalleled quality, our commitment to support eco-friendly resources, and our promise to provide exceptional service. We continue to strive towards excellence while maintaining our high standards, making us the most trusted company in the hospitality amenity industry today.

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Curated Collections 

Creating a refreshing and luxurious experience for every hotel guest by collaborating with the most sought-after brands to provide outstanding products to enhance the guest experience. With our decades of expertise in the hotel amenity industry, we pride ourselves in providing a diverse selection of products for your guests to enjoy.

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Dispenser Solutions 

Our sleek, contemporary fixtures offer stylish and functional solutions, while greatly reducing single-use plastic. Our secure, modern dispensers offer refillable and replaceable solutions that are not only easy to use, but boast a seamless installation. 

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Our Values 

Formulating and curating quality personal care products, providing unparalleled service with a focus on brand and hotel relationships, and prioritizing the reduction of our carbon footprint are the defining characteristics of our identity as the leaders in the hospitality amenity industry. Upholding our standards of excellence to support the industry shift toward more environmentally sustainable practices, we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of our values and enhancing the guest experience for generations to come.

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